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Thread: QWebView local web page with remote images

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    Default QWebView local web page with remote images

    Hi there

    I've a QWebView that displays a local page (from resource). But there in the html code is a generated link that points to a image on a server. The server needs basic authorisation.

    I do this:
    Qt Code:
    1. class myWebView : public QWebView {
    2. ...
    4. void showInfo() {
    5. QString strHtml = loadPageFromRessource();
    7. // generates the absolute url to the image on the server
    8. QUrl urlImg = generateImageUrl();
    9. urlImage.setUserName("myUsername");
    10. urlImage.setPassword("myPassword");
    12. // replaces the "%%imgUrl%%" placeholder in the html code with the url of the image
    13. strHtml.replace("%%imgUrl%%", urlImge.toString());
    15. // I've also some images as resources. So the base url to the resources has to be set.
    16. setHtml(strHtml, QUrl(m_strBaseResoucesUrl));
    18. }
    20. }
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    But the image is not loaded. If I don't set the username and password there is a dummy image with a questionmark in the web view shown. If I set the username and password no immage at all is shown.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks Luke
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