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Thread: Nokia to cut 1,800 jobs

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    Default Nokia to cut 1,800 jobs

    From here. Qt insiders - how does it affect Qt development? (hopefully it does not)

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    Default Re: Nokia to cut 1,800 jobs

    I don't think they are going to cut anything that has to do with Qt, since that is their only chance to fight back and they know it, specially from what I have seen during DevDays.
    The reason they bought Trolltech was to have a software that can beat match up to the new standards iPhone set, so it would make little sense to cut there.
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    Default Re: Nokia to cut 1,800 jobs

    I agree, cutting jobs that have to do with Qt doesn't make sense. I did not know that they bought Trolltech. That is very interesting and certainly helps me understand the overall plan. Thanks for the opinion.

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