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Thread: Qmake command not recognized

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    Default Qmake command not recognized

    I am new to Qt. I installed Qt 4.6.2 beta from the Internet smoothly with no technical input on my part. An attempt to install the final version failed so I continued to use the beta version to finish projects I had started. I have completed a project and I am trying to run qmake for the first time. Following the statement from the qmake manual:-

    'You can now use qmake to generate a Makefile for your application. On the command line, in your project's directory, type the following:

    qmake -o Makefile'

    I get an error message :- " 'qmake' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file.' ". Screen-shots are attached, I am using Windows Vista Business. Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: Qmake command not recognized

    You need to either set the PATH variable before you use qmake (e.g. "set PATH=C:\Qt\4.7.0\bin") or use the "Qt Command Prompt" installed to your start menu as part of the Qt installation and use qmake from there.
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    Default Re: Qmake command not recognized

    It is also possible to write the full path to qmake instead of adding it to PATH.

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