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Thread: Still Seeking Qt Windows/Mac Developer (100% Remote)

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    Default Still Seeking Qt Windows/Mac Developer (100% Remote)

    [This is a repost of a previous ad. We got a lot of great responses to the previous post but not a perfect fit so I thought I'd repost to bring it to the top again.]

    Growing USA based cross platform consulting firm has an open 1099 hourly consulting position for a short term project – approximately 1 to 2 months - that is expected to lead to long term work. The amount of work after the initial project will depend on the success of the project and the client’s future needs. It may not be fulltime after that. This is a very large Qt Windows/Mac project many years in the making. We’re looking for an engineer who can maintain the project ongoing over the next years as the client request maintenance releases, bug fixes, tool upgrades, etc.

    The is a 100% engineering position. We handle all client interactions, project planning, etc. All you have to do is estimate and complete the work on time.

    The position will be fulltime and work is scheduled to begin in early November 2010. This is a great opportunity for someone to join our team, form a long term working relationship, and have ongoing work either full or part-time when its available.

    • Mid to Senior C++ client software engineer
    • Capable of Qt programming on both Mac and Windows.
    • Solid Client C++ development experience
    • Incredible coding skills
    • Excellent command of written and spoken English
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
    • Self-motivated and have a proven ability to work well in teams
    • Able to learn quickly and willing to share knowledge
    • Flexible, enjoying a fast-changing, unpredictable environment

    • Design, develop, code, test, document, and support the Qt software project
    • Due to the nature of Qt, development happens on multiple operating systems (Windows and Mac Intel/PPC) and the developer needs to be able to produce success on all platforms.
    • Participate in weekly status/planning meetings with a lead engineer/project manager.

    We will provide any needed software tools to consultant. Consultant will provide all hardware (Mac and Windows).

    Interested parties should send their resume and salary requirements to

    This position is open to an off-shore/remote developer if they can demonstrate a track record of success.

    NO consulting firms.
    NO recruiting agencies please.

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    Default Re: Still Seeking Qt Windows/Mac Developer (100% Remote)


    I am currently working with the Symbian Foundation and doing Qt development for many years prior. I will email you with my CV.


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