I want to get a software built in Qt framework.

I tried to find a Qt expert on websites like Vworker and Elance but was not successful.
Thus I am posting my request here.

This software application is meant to encrypt and license
my Video Tutorials so that I can sell them to various
Schools and Individuals.

I am putting the description of the project below

I need to sell my Video tutorials. For that I need to get a software developed having the specific features I require. This Software should be able to pack my videos and distribute them to my customers (individuals and institutions) .

It should have a licensing and distribution mechanism built in and should prevent users from illegally copying the video content. I would like to sell my video content packed using this software and also sell this packing software as a service to other Video Sellers.

It is important that the packed Video File can be installed and played on all the operating systems ( like Windows, Mac, if possible Linux ).

The Video Packing and licensing Software would be a Server based application (SAAS) .

However the packed Video File so created by our Software would be a Desktop application ( so that Videos can run directy from the hard disk of the customer )

To achieve the Cross-Platform compatibility I propose the use of any of the framework below.

1) AIR ( Adobe Integrated Runtime )
2) JVM ( Java Virtual Machine )
3) Qt ( It is a C++ based Framework ) —- Best Option due to native interaction with OS

More Project details would be provided to you ( developer/coder ) if you are interested in working on this Project.