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Thread: Non-Reentrant method in overrided resizeEvent method problem

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    Default Non-Reentrant method in overrided resizeEvent method problem

    I write a table class which can reload items after a resize event.

    But the the reloadControls() method is non-reentrant

    After i resize the table to a smaller size, two reloadControls() confilcts. The controls loaded twice,

    So ,how can i prevent this situation, Cos when you resize a window,resizeEvent are raised several times.

    Qt Code:
    1. class ClientTableWidget(QtGui.QTableWidget):
    3. def resizeEvent(self,event):
    4. if self.rowCount()!=0:
    5. self.reloadControls()
    6. QtGui.QTableWidget.resizeEvent(self, event)
    8. def reloadControls(self):
    9. self.clear()
    10. if self.rowCount()==0:
    11. for key in self.c_dict:
    12. self.addItem( self.c_dict[key])
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    sample images:
    after loading

    after enlarging the window size, items' number did not change, there is no conflict

    but when i resize the window to a smaller size, items loaded twice :
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    Default Re: Non-Reentrant method in overrided resizeEvent method problem

    Two resize events cannot be processed at the same time so they cannot cause conflicts, this is not a reentrancy issue. The behaviour has to be caused by something else.
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