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Thread: Problem with MouseArea element

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    Default Problem with MouseArea element

    I have a problem in using MouseArea element.
    I am using it in my delegate for a listview. My delegate has few texts to be shown and on the right side, I have to show a slider. Now, I need both list item as well as slider to listen for mouse events. So, I have defined MouseArea element in my delegate as well as in slider component.
    But, I see that, whatever mouse events I generate, all are being consumed by delegate(I mean, list item). I am unable to move/play with the slider as all the mouse events are grabbed by delegate.

    its like, parent is consuming the event without passing it to child.

    How can I solve this problem?


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    Default Re: Problem with MouseArea element

    Is there a parent-child relationship between the item (rendered by the delegate) and the slider? Could you prepare a minimal example reproducing the problem?
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