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Thread: Q Table View + Relational Model VERY SLOW

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    ok guys a BIG question...

    I ve loaded a mysql table using a relational table model in a qtableview...
    Table contains about 50 columns of which 18 are foreign keys to other tables.... and 150 records..
    i.e. i used the setRelation() method 18 times or so...

    the table loads and shows OK... but VERY VERY slow.... 1 minute...
    If I press a column to sort that takes another 1 minute to refresh or so...
    using QT with C++, running linux,on a dualcore 2.33 GHz pc..
    this does not add up...right? dont tell me there is not a bottleneck somewhere......

    is it the MySql server?
    IDEAS on how to speed things up??

    thanks !

    Added after 8 minutes:

    ok it appears that if I reduce the number of times i call model->setRelations() from 18 to 15 the performance goes sky high... from 1 minute down to 4 seconds.....!!!

    ok I know that there is a constraint in MySQL where you can have up to 15 (or 16) indexed columns in a single index in each table....

    anything above that and mysql will not accept it...

    any ideas on that?
    possibly a bug?
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