Trying to use border-image for the scrollbar's background, but when I do so, the handle (slider) part does not appear. At least on the Mac I do not see the handle. Have not tested this on Windows yet.

Have successfully styled the same scrollbar using background for the scrollbar's background color, and border-image for the handle. Ideally, would like to use border-image for both components.

Similar conflict/limitation appeared when attempting a custom QSlider.

Any hints, please? Been knocking my brains out on this one.

Qt Code:
  1. QScrollBar:vertical {
  2. border-image: url(:png/ScrollbarVerticalTrack_wide.png) 13 14 13 14;
  3. border-top: 13px;
  4. border-bottom: 13px;
  5. border-right: 14px;
  6. border-left: 14px;
  7. width: 28px;
  8. }
  10. QScrollBar::handle:vertical {
  11. background: qlineargradient(spread:pad, x1:0, y1:0, x2:0.980296, y2:0, stop:0 rgba(243, 244, 242, 255), stop:0.423645 rgba(255, 255, 255, 255), stop:0.940887 rgba(243, 244, 242, 255));
  12. width: 12px;
  13. min-height: 50px;
  14. }
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Thanks Qt's.