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Thread: Qt Developer (one-time job)

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    Default Qt Developer (one-time job)

    Hello There,
    I have developed a project in Qt using the ImageMagick library.
    Now I would like to deploy my program for windows platforms and I need someone to help me

    I would like some one who is experienced with Qt to clear my code and help me deploy the files. It would be nice if you have some knowledge about compilers and imagemagick as this is where im strangling.

    If you know how to do it, It will take only few minutes and we can work together over skype.

    This includes a payment but is only a one-time job.

    Just get back to me asap

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    Default Re: Qt Developer (one-time job)

    Quote Originally Posted by strif View Post
    If you know how to do it, It will take only few minutes
    Oops... classic management error.

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