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Thread: caseinsensitive qstringlist

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    Default caseinsensitive qstringlist

    Hi ,

    How can I create a caseinsensitive qstringlist?

    Qt Code:
    1. QStringList sl(...) ; //suppose it is case insensitive
    4. sl<<"hello";
    5. sl<<"Hello";
    6. sl<<"HELLO";
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    So if I execute sl.remove("hello");
    all items above will be removed from sl


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    Default Re: caseinsensitive qstringlist

    QStringList itself doesn't do that, but you could use the filter() functions. They allow you to set case sensitivity. However, you would need to use a negative regexp: everything not matching "hello" should be returned. Of course you could also filter out everything that matches hello and then run through that list to remove it from the original list...

    Unfortunately both options don't really give you a case insensitive list.
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