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    Hi, I'd like to know ow to solve this. It happens when I try to build. On pc works correctly

    Running build steps for project CasseBrique...
    Starting: "/usr/bin/qmake" /Users/XXX/Lavoro/Progetti QT/Cassebrique/ -r -spec macx-g++
    /Users/XXX/Lavoro/Progetti QT/Cassebrique/ Parse Error ('----------------')
    Error processing project file: /Users/XXX/Lavoro/Progetti QT/Cassebrique/
    The process "/usr/bin/qmake" exited with code %2.
    Error while building project CasseBrique (target: Desktop)
    When executing build step 'qmake'

    Added after 28 minutes:

    I found the main problem. In fact it seems not charge all the file. some words is cut or missing:

    On the top of the screen there is this message: Could not decode....

    here 's a screenshoot
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