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Thread: Mouse magnifying-glass?

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    Question Mouse magnifying-glass?


    I am using PyQt and would like to have an mouse-cursor that like this one: (i do not need any transparency thou, just a basic zoom)

    i'm quite new to Qt, so do i need to do this all from scratch or are there any good tipps for me to get to a quick solution? I tried google but did not find what i'm looking for (for sure i am not the only one wanting a mouse-zoom-cursor, am i?)


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    Default Re: Mouse magnifying-glass?

    For a quick start have a look at QPixmap::grabWidget(), QPixmap::grabWindow() and QWidget::render(). It's a good guess something like this would work (it's C++ but you can translate it to python easily):

    Qt Code:
    1. QPixmap px(twice_the_width_to_be_zoomed, twice_the_height_to_be_zoomed);
    2. QPainter painter(&px);
    3. painter.scale(2,2); // scale up the result twice in each direction
    4. widget->render(painter, ...);
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    Then just show the resulting pixmap where you want it.
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