A QComboBox pops up an QT internal class derived from QAbstractItemView to show all available items. How can I modify the properties of the list (specifically the item's padding).

Using style sheets I have individually tried each of the following:

css Code:
  1. QComboBox { padding: 6px; }
  2. QComboBox QAbstractItemView { padding: 6px; }
  3. QComboBox QAbstractItemView::item { padding: 6px; }
  4. QComboBox QListView::item { padding: 6px; }
  5. *::item { padding: 6px; }
  6. * { padding: 6px; }
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None affect the list items themselves. I even tried using the combobox's view() function and setting the QAbstractItemView's style sheet directly with no success.