Help me please what's going on:
i want to have auto-scroll in my QListWidget during drag-n-drop operation, so when the dragged item is at the bottom or at the top of viewport, the listwidget should scroll. Everything is ok by default - setAutoScroll(True), setAcceptDrops(True), etc.

When i add my code: (anything unusual, just for me)
Qt Code:
  1. def startDrag(self):
  2. items = self.selectedItems()
  3. if bool(items):
  4. icon = items[0].icon()
  5. data = QByteArray()
  6. stream = QDataStream(data, QIODevice.WriteOnly)
  7. stream << QString(', '.join(map(lambda x: unicode(x.text()), items)))
  8. mimeData = QMimeData()
  9. mimeData.setData("application/x-text", data)
  10. drag = QDrag(self)
  11. drag.setMimeData(mimeData)
  12. pixmap = icon.pixmap(24,24)
  13. drag.setHotSpot(QPoint(12,12))
  14. drag.setPixmap(pixmap)
  15. drag.exec_(Qt.MoveAction)
  17. def mouseMoveEvent(self, ev):
  18. self.startDrag()
  19. QWidget.mouseMoveEvent(self, ev)
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the autoscroll disappears. Why? Should i write my own auto-scroll, catch the point at the top and so on? I want to code less)
So, what's the reason?