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Thread: Maintanance of internal reference to hidden rows in QtTable

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    Question Maintanance of internal reference to hidden rows in QtTable


    I am using Qt 3.3.2.

    In Qt, for table it internally maintains a reference number to the rows hidden.
    When the last row is hidden and new rows above are inserted, the total number of rows increases.
    But the internal reference of Qt for the hidden last row remains the same, in this case to show the last row which is hidden is not happenning.

    I need to know how Qt maintains the reference to the hidden rows(i.e the last row) when new rows are inserted as there is a increment in total number of rows of the table.
    How to show the last row, when new rows are inserted inbetween after the last row which was hidden????

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Maintanance of internal reference to hidden rows in QtTable

    The easiest way would be to look at the sources of Qt. But could you explain what is the incorrect behaviour (if any, as in your post this isn't clear)?

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