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Thread: QT Symbian/ MeeGo Developer- BERLIN

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    Default QT Symbian/ MeeGo Developer- BERLIN

    In line with continued dynamic development of the company I am intensively looking for experienced QT Symbian/ MeeGo Developer to join Berlin located company

    · Create new, exciting features and push your code to millions of existing SoundCloud users.
    · Build the first and next generation of SoundCloud’s QT Symbian/MeeGo app.
    · Develop SoundCloud apps for other mobile platforms.
    · Keep up-to-date on the latest Symbian SDK developments, respond to customer feedback
    and testing.
    · Look for new and awesome ways to make SoundCloud better.
    · Quickly fix bugs and solve problems.

    · Experience developing native QT apps or other mobile apps (one or more QT apps already
    developed would be ideal).
    · Extendge in C++ (Python, Javascript, Scala, or Ruby is a plus).
    · Passionate about quality.
    · Hard-working/ fast learner.

    If you are interested, please send me your CV on

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    Default Re: QT Symbian/ MeeGo Developer- BERLIN

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