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Thread: C++/Qt developer - Łódź (Poland)

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    Default C++/Qt developer - Łódź (Poland)

    I'm 25, in 2010 I graduated from Technical University Of Łódź, Poland (Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence & Software Engineering). I have about six years of experience in using Qt on Linux. Currently I'm looking for a job as Qt developer. Upon request I can provide information about my projects. I live in Łódź - centre of Poland. If You are looking for experienced Qt developer, please contact me via Private Message.

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    Default Re: C++/Qt developer - Łódź (Poland)

    Hi. WE are looking for people with high caliber like you. Can you send us your resume to my Email ID :
    Alternatively, you can contact us ans ask for above mentioned people on our UK number +44- (0) 1442 506 445.

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