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Thread: QT Library stop working on all applications

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    Default QT Library stop working on all applications


    First i will admit that i wrote in C++ and QT a lot of code. Second i don't know English language very good. Anyway, let's focus on problem:
    Yesterday all work fine. I wrote some new features all compile and run great. Today i start my project, it compile, start, show windows, and well... that's weird: My click didn't respond correctly. All keyboard functions works ok, but when i click on tabs, or on menu it works first time i click it, but not second. Sometimes works, sometimes don't work. So i can click this or that, but button don't work (even when click enter on keyboard when on button). {so make it clear: GUI functions (like tabs switching) work from time to time, but buttons never} Weird, it's look like function calling don't work?
    Well then i quit my program, and try to use other application in QT : like QT Assistant, and i get the same problem. All QT base application stop working.

    Ok, so now i think. First what i do: I remove all my system "path" entries -> i leave only system , system32 and QT directory. Then i check to make sure with dependecy walker : It link proper library: C:\Qt\2010.05\qt\bin

    Well to keep it clear: i don't reinstall QT or update, this problem start suddenly.

    Next step i took was reinstalling QT, but it didn't resolve situation. Probably I can reinstall system to make it work.. but please... it's hours of work.

    I didn't make any system restore point, so that way didn't work either.

    I search on google and in this forum, but didn't find any useful information.

    I consider two options:
    1. I have some kind of virus.
    2. I install new .dll library in system folder that make problems, or i uninstall needed .dll with some program.

    So my question is: Do you have ANY idea why i have such a QT bug? I can post dependency logs or anything you want.

    System: XP 32 bits. SP 3. Laptop.

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    Default Re: QT Library stop working on all applications

    Think what exactly was happening to your computer between you remember your apps working for the last time and before they failed you today. The problem is probably completely unrelated to Qt. Maybe you installed or updated something on your computer or something like that.
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    Default Re: QT Library stop working on all applications

    have an online check for a virus.

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