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Thread: doubles and strings as items of a QTableWidget

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    Default doubles and strings as items of a QTableWidget

    I want to create a simple QTableWidget consisted of strings and double numbers.
    I want the user to edit these items and I want the program to access/edit the values of these items.

    In the documentation, I found so far,

    a QTableWidget is consisted of QTableWidgetItems
    A QTableWidgetItem is contructed from this function

    Qt Code:
    1. QTableWidgetItem::QTableWidgetItem ( int type = Type )
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    which is the int type for double numbers and QStrings? I cannot find any list

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    Default Re: doubles and strings as items of a QTableWidget

    Also it has an overloaded constructor with a QString argument: QTableWidgetItem

    Basically what you will do is subclass QTableWidgetItem, and store everything as a QString and then see if it's a double/int value or just a string, or a string that means something (like a formula)

    You can download from here the sample code for C++ GUI Programming with Qt4, 2nd Edition, it has an example with that functionality.

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