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Thread: Qt Application and config File?

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    Question Qt Application and config File?

    Hello dear members, I am new for QT Development.

    I want to learn about writing and loading config files by qt Application.
    But a config file will to be xml or cfg file. Because it makes sure. I have been found this config for ini files. But it has problem with Avira Blocker. Do not forget a virus program like Avira Premium 10 by Germany has been blocked ini files. Now Qt Application can not work while you save default setting by Qt Application than your virus program kills with Qt Applications.

    I am using my system Ubuntu Linux 10.10

    Please make sure with xml or cfg Files!

    1. Question:
    How do i qt application per administrator privatages like Windows 7 / Vista, Mac OS X or Linux systems... ?

    2. Question:
    How do i open dialog? I have been found by google. but it can not work. I have been still problem . What is an example code for showing dialog?

    3. Question:
    Can qt framework to compress like 7zip file or tar.gz etc... ?

    4. Question:
    Can i create an example image mounter like Apple Disk Image?

    5. Question:
    How do i add n plugin by Adobe Flash Player ( ShockwaveObject ) and how do i connect with extensions (; )
    5. a. Question:
    Can it event by our system? example. Function: AS3: getQtPath:String = "/usr/Qt4"; so like this MDM Studio Zinc 3.x was showed with AS3: example: mdm.Application.Path("/usr/qt40"); ?

    I know about Microsoft Visual Studio with adding com & plugin... But I do not know what is new from QT-Creator .

    Thanks for advanced talk!

    Sorry i am deaf. Thanks. YOu are welcome.
    Best regards SnakeMedia
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    Default Re: Qt Application and config File?

    Please divide your questions into more threads where one thread corresponds to one area of questions and please try to use a bit more proper English. Also search the forum, some of your questions have already been answered.
    Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.

    Please ask Qt related questions on the forum and not using private messages or visitor messages.

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