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Thread: Resize Problem

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    Default Resize Problem

    Hi everybody,

    I've developped an application using QT 3.1 and visual C++. The application
    model is a main window SDI.

    When I resize the interface, it works fine in the PC in which I developped
    the programm. But when I change the PC with a different screen size, I had
    an important empty part in the interface.

    I used this :
    Qt Code:
    1. setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy::Expanding,QSizePolicy::Expanding);
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    but it doesn't work.

    Anybody has an idea how to resolve this problem?

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    Default Re: Resize Problem

    Could you provide a bit more information on how the GUI looks like and what does it actually contain. Maybe a screenshot if possible?
    J-P Nurmi

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