Hi, first sorry for my bad english. I'm a Spanish programmer.

I'm doing the final project of my studies and I have a problem when I launch a web browser with an URL. I don't know if this is where I ask but I you can help me I'll be grateful.
In short, I have to launch the web browser with an URL from a travel guide.
This is the URL my application generates:


I launch this URL as follows: QDesktopServices:penUrl(myUrl); where myUrl is a QUrl filled with the previous link. The browser opens normally and loads the www.guiarepsol.com page, but the map inside the page is not show.

If I go manually to the www.guiarepsol.com with a web browser, and do the query manually, not through my application, the Url that the page generates is the next one:


It's very very similar than the URL generated by my application, only changes the exactly values of Latitude and Longitude (X, Y), and this values are used only for putting the camera near the places I want to see.

And the best thing is that if I put the URL generated by my application manually in a web browser, the page is loaded correctly!!
I don't know where is the problem, I think is something of encoded url, but I try to load the url with myUrl.toEncoded(); and it doesn't work.
Also I don't know if the question is not related to Qt and is related to aspx or something similar but If you can help me I'll be very gratefull.