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Thread: Deploying with MySQL support under Windows

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    Red face Deploying with MySQL support under Windows

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to deploy an application that has really only been tested to work with MySQL to Windows (though it offers connections to any other database type that Qt knows what to do with)... but I find that just "installing" Qt under Windows does not give me MySQL support.

    I suspect I can compile the open source Qt under windows with MySQL enabled. At that point, do I again just distribute with QtSQL4.dll, or are there other .dll files I'll need to grab? (I use "depends" (Yes, I have visual studios) to locate which .dll's are necessary, but I don't think that covers those .dll's which may get loaded dynamically)

    I note that there's at least one problem with my application and using other databases: Under Qt 4.1.4 under linux, QSQLite does not understand "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS". On the other hand, it appears that Qt 4.2.0 under Windows XP, using QSQLite, does understand that command.
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    Default Re: Deploying with MySQL support under Windows

    Have you got the same versions of SQLite installed under Windows and Linux? AFAIK, they are identicle no matter what OS you're using, so it should understand that command on Linux as well.

    /edit : I just checked. I have SQLite3 3.3.7 installed on Arch Linux, and it understands that command. You probably have an outdated version installed or something.
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