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Thread: Qwt with labeled x-axis

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    Default Qwt with labeled x-axis


    I have a QwtPlot with a x- and y-axis and presenting a histogram.
    I want the y-axis to display values from 0 - 100 (which is default in QwtPlot and not a problem).
    However, I want the x-axis to display labels instead of values. So instead of number on the x-axis, I want a number of labels to be displayed underneath each histogram bar.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Qwt with labeled x-axis

    Please follow friedberg and cpuplot example which came along qwt. basically you have to subclass QwtScaleDraw. In the virtual label function, put in a logic which returns the string you want for a given x axis value. HTH.

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