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Thread: Qt assistant don`t show my files. File not found!

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    Red face Re: Qt assistant don`t show my files. File not found!

    hi all
    I have a program dveloped by Qt. Also I create html files as help of my application.
    I generate qhp, qch, qhcp and qhc files (as writed in qt documentation).
    When i run follow command, Qt assistant open with my icon and my about text, but html files don`t show in Qt assistant.
    Qt Code:
    1. assistant -collectionFile myCollection.qhc
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    i get this message in qt assistant page: "File Not Found!"
    on linux (OpenSUSE 11.4), every thing is true, but problem is on windows (XP).

    thanks for your helps.

    Added after 1 6 minutes:

    oh, excuse me!
    I have a mistake. I work with SVN tools and forget add html files to SVN.
    I add html files to SVN and create qhc file on window and it work fine.
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