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    Default Dom Model

    I've been seeing the Simple Dom Model Example and I realized that I can use it in my project with a few changes. I want to show the content of a SVG file in a tree, just as does the example, but I need to show the elements attributes separate.
    In the first column I want to show the item name, in second column, the attribute, and in the third column the value of the attribute, each attribute being a child node of the node that contain the item (in different rows).
    please any help to achieve this is welcome
    thanks in advanced!

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    Default Re: Dom Model

    Sorry but your question is not specific enough, If I have to give an reply, I would say, you can achive this by using Model/View framework. Now you can refer the Qt documentation to know how to use Model/View, and then try out few things, and come back with specific questions

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