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Thread: How to map datitmes to qgraphicsscene

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    Default How to map datitmes to qgraphicsscene

    I'm facing for the first time this kind of problem: my input data are datetime events, and I have to draw they into a qgraphicsscene. In the diagramscene demo application I found all the basics to start drawing, but I didn't realize how to convert datetime events to x and y coordinates into scene.

    If I have a qgraphicsscene that is 3000x3000 pixels wide, and a datetime interval that is three day long with some events inside, how could i translate this temporal coordinates to x and y ?

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    Default Re: How to map datitmes to qgraphicsscene

    Err, well, how about if you convert the the datetime to seconds and then use the seconds as a coordinate value?
    Something like this:
    Qt Code:
    1. QDateTime intervalStart = /* some start date time value */;
    2. QDateTime intervalEnd = intervalStart.addDays( 3 );
    3. int maxTimeLength = intervalStart.secsTo( intervalEnd );
    4. int maxPixelLength = 3000;
    5. double pixelPerSecond = (double)maxPixelLength / maxTimeLength;
    6. // then convert each event's time to x-coordinate as pixels
    7. someEventCoordinateX = intervalStart.secsTo( someEventDateTime ) * pixelPerSecond;
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