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Thread: Weird behavior with QSqlRelationalTableModel & setFilter

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    Default Weird behavior with QSqlRelationalTableModel & setFilter

    I have a weird problem with QSqlRelationalTableModel.
    In Constructor my model&view initialize with this source:

    Qt Code:
    1. // Create db model
    2. model = new QSqlRelationalTableModel(ui->viewTableReport);
    3. model->setTable("reports");
    5. // Set headerData
    6. model->setHeaderData(model->fieldIndex("customer_id"), Qt::Horizontal, tr("Name"));
    7. model->setHeaderData(model->fieldIndex("tottal"), Qt::Horizontal, tr("Tottal"));
    8. model->setHeaderData(model->fieldIndex("created"), Qt::Horizontal, tr("Created"));
    10. // Set Relations to the other database tabels
    11. model->setRelation(model->fieldIndex("customer_id"), QSqlRelation("customers", "id", "name"));
    13. // Set edit strategy
    14. model->setEditStrategy(QSqlRelationalTableModel::OnFieldChange);
    16. // Populate the model
    17. /*
    18.   * Problem is here, on setFilter
    19.   */
    20. //model->setFilter("hidden=FALSE");
    21. model->select();
    23. // Set the model and hide the ID column
    24. ui->viewTableReport->setModel(model);
    26. // Customize data view
    27. ui->viewTableReport->setColumnHidden(model->fieldIndex("id"), true);
    28. ui->viewTableReport->setColumnHidden(model->fieldIndex("hidden"), true);
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    When i uncomment setFilter the QTableView shown nothing,it mean empty
    Of course i have a lot record with "hidden=FALSE"
    But weird section is here:
    When i comment model->setRelation() everythings going be fine :0
    I mean when i unset relations with other tables it's working pretty and those record with "hidden=FASE" clause just shown!
    And i have couple of model, but those working sweet with relational, even with "customers" table.

    Any idea for this situation?

    Thank you!

    After posting this thread i found duplicate thread, i don't know it's i can solved with that solution.
    It's my bad to posting duplicate.
    but shoulda check is working or not.
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