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Thread: CONTINUOUS PDF page problem

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    Default CONTINUOUS PDF page problem

    I am writing a simple PDF reader using poppler-qt4.

    1. Here is what I have done:
    QScrollArea ---- show the a PDF file
    QWidget ---- widget of the scrollArea
    QLabel ---- labels in the widget, one label shows a PDF page.

    2. Here is the problem:
    I load all the pages. It's continuous but it will be a long time to show the pages if the PDF file is very huge.

    3. My question:
    What should I do to make the PDF reader continuous and fast.

    4. Thanks a lot

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    Default Re: CONTINUOUS PDF page problem

    I think you can initialize your labels with a blank page (I never used poppler but I hope there's a method to get the total page number without loading all the pages) and then load the pages in a QThread.

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