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Thread: Integrating Qt applications in a Framework

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    Default Integrating Qt applications in a Framework

    I want to develop a framwork using Qt for a set of tools that we have developed. There is also another company that will be developing some tools using Qt. My question is what is needed from the other company in order for me to be able to integrate their tool into our framework?

    Is it possible for us to provide hooks in the framework so that they can simply "connect" their program into the hook in the famework? We would not be delivering source code for our framework. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Integrating Qt applications in a Framework

    The easiest way would be to use signals and slots to interconnect the halves. Another way is plug-ins, or statically linking against a library of theirs. In the latter cases you need to define an interface class so that you know how to interconnect the halves.

    You are a bit vague on the details so it is hard to say more.


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