I have to load an XBAP (WPF/.net) application in QT.
The way i find to load XBAP is to use activeQT load in internet explorer activex.
The XBAP application is executed in IE activeX loaded with activeQT.
The probelm I have now is to call javascript functions from the XBAP executed in IE activeX.
Ho to do that from Activeqt ?.
I've seen somme .net sample which talk about "Document.Invoke" to run javascript functions, but Document is only a read only property !
How is it possible using dynamicCall from activeQT.

Moreover, I want to expose some functions in javascript that could be called from the XBAP application.

To make short How can I do this :

QTapp -> Activeqt -> InternetExplorer -> XBAP -> call javascript function
XBAP -> InternetExplorer -> Activeqt -> QTapp -> call javascript function

if you've got any ideas please tell me how to do it.