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Thread: How to make QSvg Format Images

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    Default How to make QSvg Format Images


    I am displaying an image in my MainWindow which is generated in a function that returns the image. Then in my GraphicsItem class, the image generated is passed as a parameter to the class.
    In my paint method I simply do this:

    void myGraphicsItem:aint(QPainter* painter, ....)
    painter->drawImage(boundingRect(), m_itemImage);

    I am looking for a way to use Svg Format images instead but I am having trouble understanding how to create an SVG image to display in my interface. What is the proper way of creating an SVG image instead of a regular image. I tried using QSvgGenerator in my paint method since it needs a QPainter but I don't quite understand how to use it. In my image generator function I make the image
    creating it like:
    myImage = new QImage(IMAGE_QUALITY_X, IMAGE_QUALITY_Y, QImage::Format_Indexed8); and then using scanline and return the image.

    Could someone please help me out a bit to get on the right track I woudl really appreciate it!

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    Default Re: How to make QSvg Format Images

    Sergex, SVG is an open image format. There are a few open source project like delineate to convert from other formats to svg. However, I don't know how it performs as I never used it. A very popular tool to make svg is inkscape.
    As for using SVG in qt, refer QSvgRenderer and QSVGGraphicsItem. QSvgRenderer::load will load the image, say from a location or memory. QSvgGraphicsItem::setSharedrenderer(QSvgRenderer*) will then use that renderer. There are qt examples. Have a look at them too.

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