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Thread: ARM Executable for QT applications for IMX53

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    Default ARM Executable for QT applications for IMX53

    What are the steps to create an ARM executable for IMX53 for a QT Application.

    I am referring " Linux_HelloWorld_AN.pdf " however I am getting Build fail error due to Makefile.

    I am able to create x86 executable using the same Makefile.I am using Ubuntu10.04

    Is there any sample Makefile for creating ARM Executable for QT applications

    I am following the Linux_HelloWorld_AN.pdf file.
    If you check in the pdf we have a very simple C code for hello world.I am able to create ARM executable for that simple code as well as I created ARM executable for an mp3 player application which was written in GTK and I created a Makefile of my own. However in case of a QT code when you compile it in ubuntu10.04 you give 3 commands viz.
    $ qmake -project
    $ qmake
    $ make
    Out of which qmake will create a Makefile I am using this Makefile generated by $ qmake command

    I have also checked url:
    however I am not able create ARM executable
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    Default Re: ARM Executable for QT applications for IMX53 quick sort board

    Hello ,
    I am working on imx53quick sort board i want to run hello world application on the imx53 board using Qt but am getiing lot of build errors while builsng can any body provide the steps to how to build qt and also how to run hello world app on using QT in IMX53 Quick Sort Board .Thanx in advance and my host is Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS

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