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Thread: A problem with sorting QTableWidget by column

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    My QTableWidget object is being filled from a database. Everything went okay until I had to sort the second column by ascending. So I wrote:
    Qt Code:
    1. ui.tableWidget->sortByColumn(2, Qt::AscendingOrder);
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    When I ran the application I found that a lot of cells of the table widget are empty. Why is that so? Would anybody help me please?

    Added after 15 minutes:

    Oh, I think I have just solved the problem. I have added ui.tableWidget->setSortingEnabled(false); before filling the widget ui.tableWidget->setItem(rowNumber, i ,item); and after that - ui.tableWidget->setSortingEnabled(true);
    Now everything works fine.
    Sorry for that thread. I asked a question and answered it on my own.
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    Default Re: A problem with sorting QTableWidget by column

    Thanks for this post. I just ran into the same problem, and this post saved me!

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