I have installed Qt SDK 1.1.4 on Linux Ubuntu 11.04. I used the SDK maintenance tool to install remote compiler. The installation completed without any hitch or error messages. However now whenever I start Qt Creator I get a dialog box with the message:-

Could not resolve dependency 'Qt4ProjectManager(2.4.1)'
Could not resolve dependency 'QtSupport(2.4.1)'

I can click 'OK' to continue, but when I open a project, the 'Tools-Options-Projects' menu does not bring up any 'Remote Compiler' menu or tab. I have searched 'RemoteCompiler' and 'Could not resolve dependency' and come across a similar complaint (in December 2011) which has not attracted any response. Could somebody offer some help? I have read about users who have used RemoteCompiler successfully on Linux. I had the same problem with Qt SDK 1.1.3 and was hoping that Qt SDK 1.1.4 might solve it.