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Thread: QPainter problem with real printer on linux

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    Default QPainter problem with real printer on linux

    I want to print line and text on a real printer but this doesn't work all the time, but on fake printer(screen, PDF and PS) this work.

    Qt Code:
    1. MainWindow::MainWindow(QWidget *parent)
    2. : QMainWindow(parent){
    3. QPushButton *b = new QPushButton("Print", this);
    4. setCentralWidget(b);
    5. connect(b, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(onPrint()));
    6. }
    8. void
    9. MainWindow::onPrint(){
    10. QPrintDialog dialog(&p, this);
    11. if(dialog.exec() == QDialog::Accepted){
    12. QPainter *painter = new QPainter(&p);
    13. painter->drawLine(0,0,0,100);
    14. delete painter;
    15. }
    16. }
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    This piece of code doesn't work all time, sometimes CUPS tell me that job is cancelled, sometimes a line is draw.
    Is that someone already had this problem?

    If I put "sleep(1);" before delete painter this piece of code works. Complex printing (SvgRenderer and QTextDocument) works too.

    -Archlinux up-date
    -Qt 4.8.0
    -Cups 1.5.0 usblp
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