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Thread: best way for a own animated loader?

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    Question best way for a own animated loader?

    Dear QT Support and Users,

    First the story:
    I have created a nice looking loader(spinner) in Photoshop and want to use this in the application.
    Only problem is when I export it to .gif it doesn't have the transparent background such as a png. (i use shadows for example)
    Because the loaders background changes collor i could not give it a correct background.

    I read about animated png files: apng but did not find if qt supports this AND if photoshop supports this.

    Well here my main question:
    How do you people create animated spinners/loaders? (svg? gif? or just rotating a png?)

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    Default Re: best way for a own animated loader?

    are you using QMovie to show the gif file?

    take a look at this:

    maybe adding a transparent background to your gif is just what you need...
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    Default Re: best way for a own animated loader?

    Qt supports MNG (I don't know if Photoshop does but if not then there is a bunch of free tools available to convert between animation formats). However the easiest solution is to simply save your animation as a series of PNG files, one for each frame and then just replace pixmaps as you need to show next frames of the animation.
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