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Thread: Customize QtCreator context menus and other behaviours

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    Default Customize QtCreator context menus and other behaviours


    Is it possible to customize the context menu, especially, the refactor submenu ?
    I'd like its content to be in the initial menu at the top, not a submenu, and I'd like it not to change the current file in the view it's been called from. I usually work with the header file on a top view and the implementation file on bottom, so it wastes my time every time I'm adding a new method.
    I guess I could make changes in the source code of QtCreator and recompile it, but I'd like to avoid that.


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    Default Re: Customize QtCreator context menus and other behaviours

    If you get an answer to this I would really like to know. I am constantly looking for Edit menu options normally found in Kate. In particular the

    Uppercase text
    Lowercase text
    Camelcase text

    Yes, there is a predefined arcane keyboard shortcut but select with mouse, right click, choose, is much easier.


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