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Thread: Superposition when displaying Qt Graphic application on embedded Linux

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    Default Superposition when displaying Qt Graphic application on embedded Linux

    Hi all,

    I have a problem with displaying my Qt application on my embedded Linux distribution.

    Indeed, I have an angstrom distribution with a graphical desktop. I developed an application with Qt Embedded and after starting it with -qws option, it seems to have two superposed display and when I did move the mouse cursor, interface of my application disappears on the location of the mouse. I think that there are two independents displays (one of the GUI of linux and another of my Qt application that starts with a green background).

    How can I view my Qt application as a window within the graphical interface of Linux and not an independent and superposed thing. I tested a lot of option for qws with-it starts with the same framebuffer but nothing works!

    Thank you for your help

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    Default Re: Superposition when displaying Qt Graphic application on embedded Linux

    I'm having the same problem of superposition and getting @mouse pointers when running cross compiled application.. How can i solve the mouse pointer issue and also to stop the linux gui???
    I'm using qt-everywhere-opensource-4.8.1 with arm2008q1 tool chain for cross compilation..
    This problem exists even for built-in applications..
    Please help me solve the issue..
    Thanks for the help in advance

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