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Thread: How to determine what application level shortcuts exist

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    Default How to determine what application level shortcuts exist

    I have an application that has a number of built in shortcuts. I am adding a new one for showing / hiding the application at the OS level (for example Ctrl+Shift+D would open my app even if it's not in focus) - this short cut is user editable, so it can be defined as whatever people like.

    I don't want this user defined shortcut to conflict with any we are already using.

    So my question is, is there a way in Qt to get the list of already registered shortcuts? Or do I need to start manually maintaining an in-use shortcut list?

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    Default Re: How to determine what application level shortcuts exist

    Unless you track it yourself, no. There is a way of getting notified that the shortcut is ambiguous but only when the shortcut is activated (which I guess is too late for you).
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