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Thread: Very slow Thai font rendering

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    Default Very slow Thai font rendering

    Hello Everybody,

    I have used Qt 4.8.1 with MS7 and built many applications. I am a Thai and so some application needs Thai language support. But,when I build application that have to support Thai language, Qt rendering is very slow and sometime end up with not responding. You could try with this RSS click 'fetch' button and then try to resize the window. You will see rendering is quite slow. Could I work around this problem?

    Thank you in advanced

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    Default Re: Very slow Thai font rendering

    I don't see any problems with the Thai rendering or window resizing in that example against on that site on Qt 4.8.1 on Linux.

    On Windows XP with Qt 4.8.0 and MingW I see massive window resizing issues that are not present when viewing the English language default feed. So, it seems Windows specific but not necessarily Qt's fault. The fonts characters look Thai to me. There are plenty of Thai font related issues in the Qt bug tracker but I did not see one that looked quite like this during a quick scan; you might want to cast a Thai-reading eye over some of them. The problem may not be limited to Thai or it may be a "feature" of the actual font Windows uses by default.

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