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Thread: Qwtplot curve not shown

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    Default Qwtplot curve not shown


    I want to draw 3 curves on a widget for a realtime application. I used the cpuplot example as a guide and I was able to modify it so it worked as I intended. The problem comes when I use that code and add the .h and .cpp files to my main project. When I do that, I can see the frame of the plot, the scale modifies itself as we wanted to but we cannot see the curves.I checked that the curve receives the values, I put it to always show the curve without success. I'm sure it is a very dumb error, but we haven't found it yet. If any of you has an idea about it, I would appreciate it.



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    Default Re: Qwtplot curve not shown

    Could you please send the code, so that we can check that where actually you're making mistake??????

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