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Thread: Change delegate property depending on Listview action

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    Default Change delegate property depending on Listview action

    I am making a simple music player for Symbian that uses FolderListModel and a Listview to select a file to be played. The problem is I don't know how to access delegates by index, directly from the Listview.

    On clicking a file, the file is played using the Audio element. I also want to show some text in the Listview row that the file is playing e.g. "Playing" When another file is clicked, the "Playing" label of the currently playing file should disappear, and the new file should have its "Playing" label shown.

    Is it possible to do this:
    Listview.delegate.item[index].property = value

    This is the delegate I'm using:
    Qt Code:
    1. Component {
    2. id: songviewComponent
    4. ListItem {
    5. id: songItem
    7. Text {
    8. id: filename
    9. text: fileName
    10. color: "white"
    11. font.pixelSize: 22
    12. }
    14. Text {
    15. id: songStatus
    16. text: "Playing"
    17. color: "red"
    18. visible: false
    19. }
    21. onClicked: {
    22. // play file that is clicked
    23. // set playing label of current index to visible
    24. // remove other playing label
    25. }
    26. }
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    Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 5.07.28 PM.jpg

    Here is my mockup from the simulator. If I click on Sweetest Perfection.mp3 the "Playing" label should appear for that file only. If click on Waiting for the Night.mp3, the "Playing" label for other files should disappear, and only the label for that file should be visible. Also, when I click the stop button on the toolbar, all "Playing" labels should disappear.

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    Default Re: Change delegate property depending on Listview action

    it is possible to access through the listview but it s not recommended
    you must add a property like "active" to the items of you model and set that property when the file is playing
    the you display the "playing" message if active == true

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