I have more than one curve and they have the same x-axis, then I use just one, but they have different ranges for y-axes. If I use just one y-axis and I plot all of them, I have to set the y-axis range and then I don't see all curves, I see just one curve that fits in my set range. My current software is using more than one y-axis, one for each curve, but I lose a lot of space and my plot area gets small when I have 8 curves, it would be better if I use only one y-axis then I would have more space for my plot area and the visualization would be better.
The picture below is an example for what I want to do. In this example I have 6 curves and only one y-axis.


I would like to know if it's possible to plot all curves and somehow make my y-axis have more than one scale, then I could show all curves.
I hope someone can help me, I have no idea about how I can do that and if it's possible to do it.

Thanks in advance