Launched a new project for commercial development in Qt – QtitanChart. Charts and graphs for Qt.

Below is a small list of features that will be available in the first version:

At the moment the component is available for preview in binaries form. It is implements the following features:

Supports series – Point, Line, Step Line, Clustered Column, Stacked Column, Pie, Doughnut, Аrea, Stacked Area.
Full interactivity. Any element can be selected.
Rich set of themes – Black, Gray, Nature and palettes – Black, Gray, Nature, Office, Green, Blue.
Widely customizable chart elements Axes, points, grid, background, markers and labels.
Allows you to organize RealTime chars. Super fast rendering of charts.
Supports Windows, Linux и Mac OS X without restrictions.
Customizing the appearance of the charts by XML file.
Export Chart’s canvas to the image (BMP, JPEG, PNG etc).

The component is actively developed and for now it is a best time to request the functions that are required for your applications. Test component today and let us know what you think.