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Thread: Qt Creator Deploy To Remote Linux Host over WLAN

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    Default Qt Creator Deploy To Remote Linux Host over WLAN

    I used Buildroot to build Qt for a target BeagleBoard. I pointed Qt Creator at the qmake file generated by Buildroot and added Buildroot's toolchain to the Build & Run configuration option under the Qt Creator 'Tools' menu, added a 'Generice Linux Device' under Qt Creator's 'Tools' menu, and used the test configuration tool in that menu to test connection to the Device. That test passed and said everything was fine. Dropbear ( SSH ) is installed on the BeagleBoard and I can SSH to it from my terminal just fine. When I setup the Build and Run configuration options for the Example AnalogClock project in Qt Creator it successfully builds the demo ( make exits with no errors ) but hangs with the compilation output message of 'Connecting to Generic Linux Device...'. Here is the output where it hangs from Qt Creator:
    14:54:32: The process "/usr/bin/make" exited normally.
    14:54:32: Connecting to device...
    I've waited 1/2 an hour and it never gets past this step. Below are some screenshots of my setup.

    I've done this before not using Buildroot but just building Qt from source and was able to successfully deploy. The difference between what I am trying to do now and before on a different target when remote deployment did work is that now I am using wireless to connect to the device. Previously I was connected to the target board through a router but everything was hardwired. Should that matter? I would think the 'Test' device configuration would fail then..

    Does anybody have any ideas on what could be wrong? Is it at all possible that the qmake built from Buildroot would somehow have been configured to where I cannot deploy to the remote Linux Device if my toolchain works and I can successfully build the demo app? Please help - thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Qt Creator Deploy To Remote Linux Host over WLAN

    Some thoughts
    • have you run qtCreator from the command line, to see if there are any error messages issued when it hangs?
    • Are there any hints in the logs on the beagleboard (refused access etc)?

    I have to confess I haven't done this with creator and Qt, although I have successfully carried out the process with non qt c++ code on eclipse.

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