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Thread: Missing slots

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    Default Missing slots

    In a file called mazebox.h I have defined signals and slots. But when I run
    the program it says "No such slot QWidget::trySlot()".

    When I looked back in the Designer, I saw that I couldn't use "Edit" "Connections"
    there either. It doesn't show my slots (or signals) and the "Edit slots" option is
    grayed out. In fact, the only file the Designer is apparently ready to modify is
    this .ui.h file. I didn't manage to tell it to look at my mazebox.h file and list the
    signals and slots written there...

    How can I do this, please?


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    Lightbulb Re: Missing slots

    Got it!

    In mazebox.h I needed

    class MazeBox: public QWidget {
    void trySlotInMazeBox();

    and I had forgotten to write Q_OBJECT ... It still compiled but it needed a def
    in mazebox.cpp to compile

    (By def I mean even an empty def like
    void MazeBox::trySignalFromMazebox() {} )

    Took me ages, because of course I kept staring at the signal definition and
    not a few lignes above...

    2H55 AM, going to bed, so good night to everyone in the same time zone.


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