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Thread: DockWidget side by side

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    Default DockWidget side by side


    I am working with Qt now for quite a while and so far I'm really glad I chose Qt as my GUI framework.

    Now I have one question regarding dockwidgets:
    I know there always is a Central Widget area and around that central widget there are the docking areas.

    But is it possible to dock widgets side by side in the left docking area, so there are actually two docking widgets next to each other?
    When I tried it I only got the widgets to dock in a vertical order in the left/right area and in a horizontal order in the top/bottoma area... but is it possible to dock 2 dockwidgets in horizontal order in the left area?

    I uploaded a little pic to show you what I mean:

    Here, the different colors represent different dockWidgets..

    Is a layout like that possible? So that the user can chose to dock the widgets side by side or in vertical order, as he wishes?

    Thanks a lot,

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    Tha main window has a property dockNestedAllowed, true to set it to true...

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