Hi all

I am developing an application that works on windows and on mac.
I have a very big problem with QListWidget lists on mac.
I didn't find helpful topics on the web talking about this problem so it's why I created this new thread.

I use QListWidget many times in my application because I need to display custom items having a lot of controls (buttons, checkbox, labels, pictures, etc..) on it, then I can't use QListView lists with model/delegates.

I use the setItemWidget method of QListWidget to add a QListWidgetItem and a QWidget for each items of the list.

QListWidget* pList; // the created list
QWidget* pWidget; // the created widget
QListWidgetItem* pItem = new QListWidgetItem(pList);
pList->setItemWidget(pItem, pWidget);

This is working on windows but NOT on mac.

I have a bad issue concerning scroll of my items.
As I can see the list actually scroll because I can see that the items are scrolling but not the widgets.
The widgets stay at the same place, they not scroll.

Does anybody have the same issue ?

thank in advance for your help.